Buff Orpington Hens

Buff orpingtons hens and roosters are a breed of chicken that come from the country of England. Orpington, England to be exact. They tend to be quite large birds with an attractive appearance that make a well sought after chicken.

More importantly, their meat is said to be of high quality and their eggs excellent. This combined with a rather generous laying of eggs make them highly sought after for farmers of chickens.

As backyard chickens, buff orpingtons weigh anywhere from 6-11 pounds and carry soft, fluffy feathers making it larger than it seems to appear. Because orpingtons lay eggs all year round and do not cease in the wintertime, the average hen will lay around 200 medium to large eggs per year. Very tasty. Below is a nice picture of a gold laced buff orpington hen

Because of the popularity of thie chicken and the advantage of laying eggs and quality meat, other types of orpingtons were introduced later on. The black buff orpington came about in the late 1880's when the bird was crossed with Langshans and Minorcas. Just a short time later the white hyrbid of this bird was also created for a nice mix of golden, blue, black , and white colored orpingtons.

These low maintenance birds are perfect for the small or individual chicken farmer looking to have a continual supply of eggs and meat for years to come. The gentle further allows even the most beginner to begin raising chickens and hens to their backyard home. Very cheap and reasonable too, you can buy buff orphington chicks for less than $5 from individual farmers and begin to raise them yourself. Below you see a nice picture of a black buff orpington.

Buff orpington eggs are nothing but delicious. Medium to large brown eggs throughout the year will be yours for the keeping if you raise the hens in a proper way and have decent a chicken coop design in your yard or farmland. Simple materials that are needed to start caring for your Big Buffs are starter feed, a quality heat lamp for colder climates, bedding material, water pool, and a well designed chicken coop.