Chicken Coop

A chicken coop to a chicken is what a home is to anyone. Planning & care should be taken into consideration when building your very own chicken coop or hen house. Too many people rush into constructing a coop without first taking the time to fully understand what is needed to build a proper chicken house.

Your not just building a desk or table, this is a home for live animals that are more than likely either part of your livelihood or will contribute to your well-being some way or another.

I would highly recommend you invest in a proper guide or credible chicken coop plan if you really want to do this right and not opt for those 'free chicken coop plans'. Below are 3 credible sources for building chicken coops that have great feedback and success stories. Take a look at each one, I'm sure one of them will suit you.

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Coops are not only to just keep & breed chickens, like buff orpingtons but also provide a supply of fresh and delicious eggs to you and your family.

3 Things to Consider when Building a Chicken Coop

1. Size - How many chickens do you expect to house? Do you want a small portable coop, or a large fixed chicken house where dozens and dozens of chickens can roam freely. This will be a key factor when purchasing supplies and materials. It is said you should allot 4-5 square feet for each chicken. If you expect to house 20 chickens then your coop should be 80 - 100 square feet.

2. Safety - Protecting your chickens and chicks from predators is very important and should be included in your chicken coop plans. This as well as safe building materials that cannot harm the chickens is equally important.

3. Location - Sunlight, environment, weather, and slope all come into play when planning your chicken coop. Picking the right location on where to establish your chicken house is important especially if you plan to build a large one.

A chicken coop can now be constructed easily by your very hands and that too with no extra expenditure but by utilizing the very stuff from your junk-yard. The interiors of traditional chicken coops build for commercial purposes are a bigger and much equipped from of these simple backyard coops, which are building to just fulfill the needs of your family for fresh chicken eggs.

The coops that are moreover a building structure in there interiors usually include nest boxes that are used for egg laying purposes alongside there are also perches for the bird to get a comfortable platform to sleep on and take rest. While these are the designs of coops basically constructed for egg collection purposes, the one for meat birds may not be including such features in general.

An outdoor run is also a thing that is optionally present, moreover a place that helps the chickens move freely in the outside environment this is protected from all sides by wire meshes and other such things to protect the chickens from becoming easy prey of predators that are mostly dogs, wolves and even humans.

The floor of the chicken coop is usually covered with things like wood chips or straw to help in easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance of the coop. Also, a ventilation system is a necessity to help the air get out and the fresh air get in and also to keep the coop odor free which may arise from the waste or any other thing from the chickens.

So, build or buy a chicken coop as per your home size to get fresh eggs everyday at your breakfast table and simply get a key to the lock of good health for remember fresh is always best. Make your chicken feel clucky, right and safe by building or buying a chicken coop which is not an option but a necessity for your bird's safety and survival.

Chicken coop - to help your birds stay happy and healthy

Wish to eat real fresh eggs? Are you a person who loves eating fresh egg preparations for your breakfast every day? Getting an actual answer to such questions is not very feasible in today's times, but something, which can help you get fresh eggs and that too cost-free, everyday is a chicken coop which you can build at your very home.

Not only helping you gets fresh eggs for breakfast every morning, the home chicken coop can help you get acquaintance to a large number of other benefits. Building a chicken coop at your very own home is not a very difficult task, in fact what you require is an empty space, some basic things and of course little of your time and that's it. In no time, you can build the chickens a home or a shelter and can save them from getting cramped up which they usually feel in their own cells that does not even provide them sufficient space to help them stretch their wings properly.

Here the chicken coop we are referring to entails a very small, simple and down to earth shelter to the chickens, which you should build depending on the size and number of the coops you wish to breed. Helping your chickens feel free and happy, by building a coop you can also enjoy the pleasure of eating fresh eggs every day. Although requiring a little starter amount but in the long run this whole venture will save a lot of your hard earned cash.

Usually a building which is used to breed chickens but a home chicken coop is a very simplified version of the actual one and the commercial coops mostly consist of nest boxes where the eggs are laid and of perches which are like platforms for the birds to sleep. Mostly the coops are accompanied by an outer space called the run that acts as a outside area for the birds. This usually depends on many external factors that can otherwise harm the bird entailing things like predators, climatic conditions and also other things, which can cause a threat to the well-being of these delicate creatures.

The ideal design of a chicken coop consists of some essential things like;

A storage area.
An entrance hall also called a chicken hatchway.
Proper ventilation.
Proper lightning.
A large door that allows easy cleaning and maintenance.
A well build floor which is at least 3 inches thick made up of wood shavings and must be strong enough to take deep litter.

With the ease you can get an access to ample information and resources, the internet can now provide you information and knowledge about each and everything and that too from your very home. So, is the thing with the over-abundance of designs of chicken coops that are floating easily all over the net?

Some things that must be kept in mind and should be looked into carefully before you decide to build a chicken coop encompass some basic things. There should be ample space and some specific needs which make up a good and optimum chicken coop that will actually help the bird stay happy and healthy.

The basic design of a coop must provide;

Ease of maintenance and cleaning- A proper cleaning element must be incorporated in a coop, proper drainage and large doors are some things which will help in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for the chickens.

Proper ventilation- Adequate or ample ventilation is an inevitable necessity for the chickens and having options like windows which are safe and secured and doors which open inwards rather than outside will help you accomplish this task easily.

Proper construction and usage of materials- The quality of construction materials like the wood or other also judges the condition of a chicken coop greatly. Opting for material that is in good condition and is safe and comfortable for the bird and also the one that helps them provide safety from perky predators and other outside threats.

Ample and adequate lighting- An electric source is also a necessity for the coop, using bulbs is a good idea whether it is the fluorescent ones or normal. The lighting source should be so chosen that it must also provide them a warmer environment in the colder seasons.

So, be well focused when designing a chicken coop, for these gregarious birds, which love to live together as groups or flocks. These birds make for great companion animals and do not require a very high maintenance and are simply very easy going creatures. The major challenge of taming chickens is keeping them safe from outside threats like predators in the form of dogs, foxes and raccoons. BH

All in all, the chicken coop is what a home is to you, so help your birds stay happy by providing them a shelter, which is warm in the winters, cold in the summers and is free from the drafts as much as possible.